Last Modified Listing Feed Reparto Santa Clarisa NDgzLTIwMTctMDMtMjEgMTI6MDk6NDE= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Reparto Santa Clarisa is a residential development in a beautiful, lush tropical coffee – growing region. Reparto Santa Clarisa is located in San Marcos km 38 from Las Esquinas 1 km east, an area amidst a beautiful coffee farm under a cool canopy of trees and a fresh climate year round. San Marcos is very accessible due to the many roads that cross its urban center, it makes this development a very convenient area. Reparto Santa Clarisa offers residential lots 30 minutes from Managua and less than 10 minutes from other important cities such as Carazo, Diriamba and Jinotepe. If you like to enjoy the beach life you have access to the beaches of La Boquita, Casares, Huehuete (30 minutes) and Masachapa or Pochomil (1hour). This affordable development Lot neighborhood’s main offer is composed of more than 30 flat lots and 4 Residential Homes already built. The size of the lots is varied, but the average size is 1500 square varas ( the smallest 1400 sq. varas and the largest 1900 sq. varas. There is no limit; you can buy one, two or more lots according to your needs. The topography at Reparto Santa Clarisa is flat and privileged by an excellent climate, with access to public services (drinking water and electricity) and has 3 accesses to the Lotification in front of the main road. Sales prices: $ 20 dollars per Square Vara. The area has access to all the public services and has established infrastructure that it will be extended proportionally with the Development’s growth. The New Coastal Road that will Connect Costa Rica with the Nicaragua’s Pacific Ocean coast is going to give more value to this area. During its traditional festivities, April 24th and 25th, you can observe many folkloric dances. There are various ecotourism sites in this municipality, where the main agricultural product is coffee. This is an Affordable Development Lot considering the amenities that you can get proximity to towns and facilities to build your dream home.]]> Vista Nacascolo Development Lot – Pacific Marlin NDg0LTIwMTctMDMtMTUgMDQ6NTQ6Mzk= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 View of Nacascolo BayVista Nacascolo Development Lot – Pacific Marlin Pacific Marlin still holds the crown as the most exclusive and sought after development in San Juan del Sur. This 1.5 acre development lot provides a rare opportunity to build a developer’s dream project within the most prestigious development in the area. The Vista Nacascolo Development Lot is made up of 3 adjacent lots which have a total size of 1.5 acres. The property has a private access road to reach the 3 distinct building pads which make up the property. Each pad has flat building terrain as well as open views to the turquoise color Nacascolo Bay, which can be accessed via a 10 minute walk through Pacific Marlin to the shoreline of the bay. Located directly in front of the successful Malibu Residencial project, the property is ideal for an investor looking to build various homes, condos, or one very large family compound. One’s imagination is the only limitation to what can be conceived on this impressive ocean view lot. Additionally, the lots could be used as a land bank while inventory in Pacific Marlin and town continues to decrease. Pacific Marlin has paved roads throughout the development, the most reliable water source in town, as well as 24/7 security with various check points. The famous Mirador del Cristo de la Misericordia sits on top of the development and is a popular tourist destination to look out over pacific ocean and vibrant town of San Juan del Sur. San Juan del Sur is going through a boom of development with recent sizable investments in infrastructure, residencial developments, in addition to a new port and boardwalk. High prices and safety volatility in neighboring countries is propelling Nicaragua into the spotlight as the only viable option in Central America. With the planned construction of a pacific coastal highway connecting all the beaches from Managua down to the Costa Rican border, Nicaragua is prime to explode. Do not miss out on this rare opportunity!]]> Vista Nacascolo Development Lot – Pacific Marlin NDg1LTIwMTctMDMtMTUgMDQ6NTQ6MTQ= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 View of Nacascolo BayVista Nacascolo Development Lot – Pacific Marlin Pacific Marlin still holds the crown as the most exclusive and sought after development in San Juan del Sur. This 1.5 acre development lot provides a rare opportunity to build a developer’s dream project within the most prestigious development in the area. The Vista Nacascolo Development Lot is made up of 3 adjacent lots which have a total size of 1.5 acres. The property has a private access road to reach the 3 distinct building pads which make up the property. Each pad has flat building terrain as well as open views to the turquoise color Nacascolo Bay, which can be accessed via a 10 minute walk through Pacific Marlin to the shoreline of the bay. Located directly in front of the successful Malibu Residencial project, the property is ideal for an investor looking to build various homes, condos, or one very large family compound. One’s imagination is the only limitation to what can be conceived on this impressive ocean view lot. Additionally, the lots could be used as a land bank while inventory in Pacific Marlin and town continues to decrease. Pacific Marlin has paved roads throughout the development, the most reliable water source in town, as well as 24/7 security with various check points. The famous Mirador del Cristo de la Misericordia sits on top of the development and is a popular tourist destination to look out over pacific ocean and vibrant town of San Juan del Sur. San Juan del Sur is going through a boom of development with recent sizable investments in infrastructure, residencial developments, in addition to a new port and boardwalk. High prices and safety volatility in neighboring countries is propelling Nicaragua into the spotlight as the only viable option in Central America. With the planned construction of a pacific coastal highway connecting all the beaches from Managua down to the Costa Rican border, Nicaragua is prime to explode. Do not miss out on this rare opportunity!]]> El Encanto del Sur Ocean View Dream Lot NDg2LTIwMTctMDMtMTUgMDQ6NTM6MDI= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 View of Costa Rica and OceanEl Encanto del Sur Ocean View Dream Lot Located in the second phase of the El Encanto del Sur gated community, this ocean view dream lot has views that must be seen to be believed. Named “Los Sueños” or “The Dreams”, the second phase of El Encanto del Sur sits on one of the highest elevations in the greater area; creating memorizing and expansive ocean views that span all the way down to Costa Rica and up to the northern beaches of Playa Marsella and Playa Maderas. El Encanto del Sur is located less than 10 minutes from the heart of town and is accessed via the main northern road La Chocolata. This 936 square meter lot boast 180 degree panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the various bays lining the coast of San Juan del Sur. It is the perfect setting to build your dream home or incoming producing rental property in one of the premier gated communities in San Juan del Sur. The lot is a stones throw away from the club house, pool, and restaurant which will begin to be constructed this year. Additionally, solar power will be the primary source of energy with a secondary connection to the city grid. Be at ease knowing that your lot is fully serviced with water and green power! El Encanto del Sur is owned and operated by active developers who are committed to creating an amenity full community for full-time, part-time, and vacation residents. As an added bonus, the newly constructed Tree Casa Resort sits less than a 2 minute walk from the lot! This yoga & wellness retreat center has two pools, various yoga platforms, a restaurant, a farm, in addition to real tree houses! Take advantage of a large investment which adds value to your property! Come live your dream today!]]> Beachfront Commercial house NDgyLTIwMTctMDMtMTQgMjE6MTI6NDk= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Beachfront Commercial house is an amazing opportunity that knocks once in a blue moon. A great Beachfront Commercial house in the heart of Masachapa. Masachapa is a small fishing town located between the popular beach of Pochomil and the all-inclusive beach resort of Montelimar. Casa Lasasso is the perfect escape plan! Due to the proximity to the capital city, this beach becomes a highly visited destination any time during the whole year, but summer time is ideal for thousands of people enjoying the beach life. Purchasing Casa Lasasso boasts a variety of benefits and commercial potential that meets your needs of obtaining a strong return on your investment. Uses such as: Bar & Restaurant, rental incomes, your own house, hosting service, rent surfboards etc. This Beachfront Commercial house consists of a three-story concrete and wood structure, it is a tall building on the beach, set on the south end of a cove landform, the rooms are very large and constructed with private bathrooms and a/c. There are two bars; in two different floors each of them has a great view of the water although the upper bar you appreciate the whole coast. The views are very impressive; you can also see an old dock which was built in 1951. It is 80 meters long and has an L shape, adorning the dock you will find the fishing boats. When the tide is out the craters in the rock bottom ocean floor create wonderful natural pools. Some of the activities are: surfing, fishing, snorkeling, ATV rentals, hiking/walking, take one of the many popular rickshaw bikes, kayaks, horse-riding on the beach and in the forest, arrange boating excursions… The town of Masachapa is very small and everyone knows each other, hardworking and friendly people. The outskirts of the village is mainly planted with sugar cane fields, one of the main economic activities of the region as well as fishing where seafood can be tasted at very reasonable prices and this Beachfront Commercial house will not be the exception.]]> Gran Pacifica Luxury Condo NDc5LTIwMTctMDMtMTIgMDE6Mzc6Mjk= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This luxury condo in Gran Pacifica Beach & Golf Resort is a great opportunity to own a beachfront residence on one of Nicaragua’s best beaches! The resort is a paradise to live in with first-class amenities and a modern infrastructure for your convenience and peace of mind. This condo is located close to Managua and near to world-class surfing at Playa San Diego! Now you have the unique opportunity to be part of the combination of living and feeling the North American beach-side style with the down-home feel of an old-fashioned community. <p> Gran Pacifica has a variety to offer, but right now you must take this opportunity! This 2 bedroom luxury condo offers world class comfort with incredible views! This unit is directly on the beach, with a balcony just a few feet from the crashing waves and miles of sand and reefs to explore. <p> This luxury condo has its own kitchen, laundry facilities, king size beds, central air conditioning and is fully equipped for cooking and dining in the suite. There is a Restaurant which is directly adjacent to the condominium building for your dining pleasure but you can also find a grocery service if you wish to create your own culinary experience in your luxury condo. <p> The San Juan suite is over 1300 sq. ft. and a capacity for 6 people to sleep comfortably. The master bedroom has a king size bed and an ensuite full bathroom. The second bedroom has 2 twin beds and an additional bathroom. The living area has a pull-out sleeper sofa. This Deluxe suite boasts a spacious full kitchen, large patio/deck and washer and dryer. <p> In Gran Pacifica you will be able to enjoy many recreational activities such as: Golf, Surfing, swimming Horseback-riding, dining in an award-winning restaurant…and Much More! And if you like to volunteer for a good cause, you can do it in the surrounding communities with Gran Pacifica’s community outreach program. <p> This is the closest Beach Resort to the Managua, Nicaragua’s Capital City. Just a quick 45 minute drive from Managua’s International Airport and you will be at your slice of paradise. <p> Don’t pass up this opportunity to own a luxury condo on one of the country’s most picturesque beaches!]]> La Vista Commercial Opportunity NDgxLTIwMTctMDMtMDkgMjM6NDE6NTQ= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Feel your jaw drop when looking at the stunning views from La Vista! La Vista is an extremely versatile property of 17,500 square meters (4.32 acres). La Vista offers 180 degree views that overlook Momotombo Volcano, Sandino City, Lake Xolotlan and the entire Capital City of Managua. From this big property, you can see for miles and at night you will see all of the lights of Managua – Nicaragua’s capital and fastest growing urban center. This large lot is prime for development – whether a residential project or a commercial venture like an apartment building, hotel/resort, or a restaurant with a view! The opportunities are endless for this vast and ideally placed property! <p> This amazing Vista farm is located along one of the newest and best highways in the country. The road was finished 2 years ago and boasts quick and easy access to Managua as well as the department’s virgin coastline. The Vista farm is a property with waved topography, natural terraces, and a nice climate – located at 450 meters above sea level. It is located a quick 10-minute drive to Managua at kilometer #16 along the Carretera Vieja a León. The old road to Leon is an important economic corridor stretching 90 kilometers – connecting Managua with the historic city of León – the second largest city in Nicaragua. <p> This prime piece of land is the most significant multi-faceted property offered in the southeastern Part of the capital city. La Vista farm boasts a variety of benefits and commercial potential that meets your needs of obtaining a strong return on your investment. The Flat terrain has been improved with padding and consolidation; in other words the land has been compacted and it’s ready to be built on. You could build a restaurant, commercial modules or any other type of business that takes advantage of the traffic along the highway. With modern architectural works and experienced Nicaraguan builders, you can create wonders in this picturesque place. <p> This area is the perfect location because thousands of people pass by the property every day on their way to León, the beaches, or the capital city. During the high season thousands of national and international tourists will go to several beaches including: Pochomil, Masachapa, San Diego, Gran Pacifica, El Transito, El Velero, Miramar, Poneloya and many others. <p> If you are looking for investment out of town, but not too far away. This property has it all! A fabulous and potential place that has great commercial potential! <p> Come and check it out for yourself! Schedule a viewing today!]]> The Little White House Lot NDc4LTIwMTctMDMtMDcgMjM6MzU6NDg= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 The little white house lot is located in a beach known as Pochomil Viejo where you can still breathe like being in a private and tranquil beach on the central Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua. This fabulous, secluded, large and build-able lot has a unique view with 15 meters of Beachfront and reaching all the way back to the street 60 meters. A total of 900 square meters (9687.52 square feet) will give you plenty of room to build your dream house and a very large pool and garden area. Imagine staging the shoreline with beach chairs and umbrellas or staging the outdoor patio with furniture and a grill. This beautiful little white house lot offers other great opportunities. You could have an amazing mansion at the beach or even build a hotel or condos! The price includes a small house built of precious wood and it is painted in white color. That is one of the reasons why it is called the little white house. It has one room and one bathroom. The public services are already installed: electricity authorized by the transnational company UNION-FENOSA, Water Service provided by ENACAL and there is already a septic tank. A Tremendous news for getting this property is the announcement made by the government of Nicaragua. “The construction of the coast highway is a reality” There will be road trips, cruising along stunning bluffs overlooking the Pacific beaches, plus designated vista points for sparkling ocean view connecting Rivas to Pochomil and Masachapa, That is going to be the best roadside attraction in Nicaragua. Keep in mind having that adventure! A few kilometers to the north is the well-known beach and town of Pochomil , one of the most popular beaches in Nicaragua. The capital city is less than two hours from this point. Would you like to live or invest by this piece of Nicaraguan treasure? This is the perfect place and moment to do it!]]> Prime Location Lot For Sale NDc3LTIwMTctMDMtMDcgMjM6MjM6MTA= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 If a Prime Location Lot is what you are looking for, then this Prime Location Lot For Sale is a must-see! This piece of land is strategically located 5 minutes’ drive from the beach in the historic seaside village of Masachapa and is along the main road to the most visited beach of Nicaragua “Pochomil”.With 1125.28 square meters you have enough room to build a restaurant, commercial modules or any type of business that takes advantage of the traffic along the highway. <p> There is already part of an infrastructure that can be used or rebuilt to start operating a service bar not only to serve customers in the location, but also to cater to people who pass by and just want to buy and take. <p> This Prime and Potential Location Lot offers beautiful views of green fields and outdoor environment. Walking distance to appreciate the spectacular view of the beach. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find a price point like this; you will be hard pressed to find anything this attractive! <p> You can even build your dream house while having other commercial activities in the same place. <p> It is tempting to buy and invest here because you will be along Nicaragua’s newest and most exciting infrastructure project – The Coastal Highway. Over the next three years, the Nicaraguan government will be constructing a coastal highway that will cover all of the beach towns from Pochomil down to El Naranjo on the Costa Rican border. This new highway will add value to all of the beach properties on the Southern Nicaraguan Pacific Coast and this Prime Location Lot is no exception. Consider the advantages of getting this piece of land, proximity to towns and beaches, facilities to build your dream home, great opportunity for setting up your own businesses and much more! Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Affordable Price!]]> Mixed use Development Opportunity NDc2LTIwMTctMDMtMDcgMjM6MDc6MzA= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Mixed use development opportunity in the heart of Pochomil Viejo. If you are looking for investment close to the Beach, just 80 meters in a walking distance, you must see this property. This beautiful and prime location land belongs to a group of Nicaraguan people who wanted to build a resort in the year 2008, but due to the economic recession it was not possible. Now they have taken the desicion of selling. The mixed use development opportunity has endless options to invest. It is a vast and ideally placed property! Ideal for the construction of hotels, condos, fine restaurants, pools etc. Another attraction of this place is its size, with 11364.88 square meters you will have enough space to divide it and sell lots . Why not to create a new beach community, attract new residents and live in a safe place with the beach style? There is no development in the area, but the coastal road starting at the south border of the country and ending the first phase in Masachapa, will give this zone a very value-added. This piece of land will be just 1 kilometer of the future paved road. If you do the purchase and wants to put the land in the name of that group. The owners are open to endorse the shares of Villas del Mar , that means to facilitate any transaction in the future. The group has never operated and they have everything in order, it would only have to update the RUC. (National Register of Taxpayers). The mixed use Development Opportunity has access from the main road and has water and electricity availability. You can also count on good cellphone and internet signal. The access to the beach is fantastic, you can feel the sea breeze. Do not wait too long and come to this tropical paradise!]]> High Potential Land for Sale NDc1LTIwMTctMDMtMDcgMjM6MDA6MzI= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 High Potential Land for sale in EL EMPALME Puerto Sandino, Municipality of Nagarote, Leon – Nicaragua. This piece of land of 2176 square meters offers a great opportunity for investment. The best of the best location someone could imagine. It is located just in a strategic place along the curve that takes you to Puerto Sandino. If you are driving from Leon, you turn right and if you are driving from Managua, you will see the place just to your left. <p> This large lot is prime for development of a restaurant, a supermarket, a gas station etc. An ideal place between two of the most important cities of the country Managua and Leon. The capital city is 63 kilometers from this point and Leon is 32 kilometers. Then you will drive only 15 kilometers to be enjoying at the beautiful beaches of Miramar and El Velero. This High Potential Land for sale takes advantage of the traffic along the newest and best highway where thousands of people pass by El Empalme Puerto Sandino every day on their way to León, the beaches, or the capital city. <p> This area is not only growing as a touristic hub with construction of new hotels, fine restaurants, Surf Camps but also construction of big companies are complete and some businesses are already setting up, basically working in petrol and electricity. <p> There is nothing to offer travelers along a considerable distance in low population area. Be you the first one in offering something attractive, something to eat, and something to drink to your future clients. Take into account this: Mobile telephone antenna and electricity availability will greatly facilitate the commencement of your commercial activity and the most important; whenever you are going to acquire a high potential land for sale in Nicaragua you need to be sure about the required paperwork . Here you don’t have to worry about it; they are all valid, lawful and legitimate. Come see for yourself!]]> Turnkey Hotel Walking Distance to the Beach NDM0LTIwMTctMDMtMDcgMTg6NDc6Mjk= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This turnkey hotel walking distance to the beach Playa Gigante, sits on 2.75 acres and is fully operational. The grounds contain 4 buildings which house 12 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 3 offices, 4 storage bodegas, a garage, as well as a bar & restaurant with a full kitchen. There is also a swimming pool and parking lot that can accommodate approximately 30 cars.<p> <p> The hotel and grounds have unlimited potential for a forward-thinking investor. There is an abundance of land to incorporate fuller landscaping or add additional structures. As the property has no restrictions, one can expand the commercial venture or introduce a residential element to the project. There are already many areas throughout the project set up to house volleyball courts, gardens, picnic areas, etc – taking advantage of the expansive ocean views and less than 10 minute walk to the beach.<p> <p> Currently the hotel offers various services such as Spanish classes, surfing lessons, guided boat surf tours, guided fishing tours, sailing, horseback riding, etc. The restaurant & bar at the hotel is a favorite amongst neighboring locals and expats in addition to being a hangout for hotel guest.<p> <p> Playa Gigante is a popular beach town located in Tola approximately 30 minutes north of the city of Rivas. While maintaining it’s tranquil vibe there are various restaurants, hotels, and service providers that offer great amenities to the world-class beach.]]> Playa Yankee Commercial Opportunity NDc0LTIwMTctMDItMjQgMTQ6MjY6MDA= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This Playa Yankee Commercial Opportunity is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for someone that is looking for ample land in a prime location to develop for residential or commercial purposes. With 4,788 square meters of land, this big lot boasts proximity to some of the best surf in Nicaragua as well as the booming seaside town of San Juan del Sur. The land is also situated along the southern highway that connects San Juan with all of the Southern beaches and the Costa Rican border. The Nicaraguan government has just announced that they will be completing the Pacific Coastal Road and this lot has approximately 145 meters of frontage along what will soon be the newest and best highways in the country! The amount of traffic will sky-rocket upon completion of this stretch of highway and this lot is perfectly situated for someone to take advantage of all of that movement!<p> <p> This Playa Yankee Commercial Opportunity is competitively priced! Listed at just $12.50 per square meter – the owner of this property is also open to selling the land in parcels. This is a great investment opportunity for someone looking to buy a property that will rise in value and that has potential for an unlimited number of commercial or residential concepts. Whether looking to build an eco-resort, surf hostel, or building with commercial modules to rent out, this property offers exactly what you need – easy access, optimal location, and a competitive price. You can’t find another commercial land opportunity like this. Enjoy quick access to some of Nicaragua’s best beaches and be a stone’s throw away from the action on the new Coastal Highway. Come and see this great investment opportunity today! It won’t be on the market for long and you’ll regret it if you pass up on this investment opportunity!<p> <p> Schedule a viewing today!]]> Far-reaching Views from Rancho Papayal NDczLTIwMTctMDItMjQgMTQ6MjE6MjQ= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This lot with far-reaching views is located within the Rancho Papayal planned residential development. Rancho Papayal offers low annual fees, well-maintained roads, and access to both power and water at each lot line. Lot 51, at 2,497 square meters (.6 acre), is the perfect lot for someone looking for a large parcel on which to build the house of their dreams! This lot boasts ample space for the construction of a single family dwelling with a large open-air ‘rancho’ or ‘thatched gazebo’ nestled amongst the vibrant and diverse natural environment of the region. You will never have reason to miss the unforgettable sunsets over the horizon while listening to the choir of howler monkeys and diverse bird-life playing the soundtrack to the end of another day in Paradise. This lot offers true gratification for all of the senses – smell the ocean breeze, view the stunning landscapes, hear the inspiring natural sounds. Sitting high in the hills a quick 15-minute drive North of San Juan del Sur, Lot 51 is a lovely option for those looking to live in the lush natural environment of Nicaragua’s Southern Pacific coastal region. You have access to some of the area’s best beaches – Maderas, Marsella, & Majagual – just a quick 10-15 minute drive away. Wake up, grab your surfboard, and catch the waves at Playa Maderas before heading to town to do your shopping and mingling at the local market, and throughout San Juan, in it’s diverse mix of grocery stores, boutique shops, and local eateries. Proximity to town and the surfing beaches – check. Privacy and tranquility – check.<p> <p> This lot performs well on all fronts. It is large in size, easily accessible and it has those far-reaching views that you want! It’s hard to believe that it also is being offered at such a competitive price! At $35,000 USD, this property is priced-to-sell.<p> <p> Looking for an attractive home-site with a view? Don’t pass up on the opportunity!]]> Turn-key Condo Steps from Beach NDcyLTIwMTctMDItMjQgMTQ6MTc6Mzk= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This Turnkey Condo is the perfect option for an investor looking to own a vacation/rental property in the heart of San Juan del Sur. Located on the 4th floor of the Casa Marina condo building & steps from town’s oceanfront promenade, you couldn’t find a more privileged location in town! This two-bedroom fully turnkey condo boasts unobstructed bay views and proximity to all of San Juan’s best stores, restaurants and local watering holes. The balcony area is the perfect location for enjoying the morning coffee while gazing out at the views of the bay, the famous Cristo de la Misericordia statue, and the Pacific Ocean stretching out as far as the eye can see. This turnkey condo has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, and a balcony that looks over the beachfront road and the gentle waves of the horseshoe-shaped San Juan del Sur Bay. Fully furnished and with all appliances included, this condo is fully turnkey and ready for the new owner to move-in today!<p> The Casa Marina building is a five-story condo complex with 24/7 security, an elevator, and rental management offered on-site. Due to this turnkey condo’s location, there is great rental income producing potential and as San Juan del Sur grows, there is more and more potential to turn a nice income from this lovely turnkey condo. Employing the on-site staff to manage rentals allows for the new owner to relax with the knowledge of having made a sound investment. The unit has two entrances – a main entrance and an entrance to the front bedroom. This allows for the front bedroom to be rented out separately from the rest of the unit, thus maximizing the potential for rental income. With a low HOA fee a friendly staff, and stellar views, this turnkey condo is the perfect location for you! Come and check out this piece of prime real estate today!]]> Beachfront Acreage Opportunity in El Transito NDYxLTIwMTctMDItMDkgMjE6MDM6NDc= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Feast your eyes on the newest parcel of beachfront available on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast, this one-of-a-kind beachfront acreage opportunity in El Transito! Located about 42 miles from the International Airport in Managua is El Transito, a quaint fishing village located in the Department of Leon, Nicaragua. El Transito is known for its crescent shaped cove, darker sand (due to volcanic residue), swimming holes and a consistent, traffic-free surf break. The beachfront acreage opportunity in El Transito consists of 130+ acres of raw oceanfront and beachfront terrain & access to town, an awesome oceanfront bluff with 360º views, El Transito Bay views and remarkable, jaw-dropping coastal views both north and south. Given its location, size and surroundings, this property has endless possibilities.]]> Cliff-Front Home Mzk0LTIwMTctMDItMDkgMjA6MzI6MDg= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <p><p align= "justify">This Buccaneer Point Cliff-Front Home is located cliff-front in the Buccaneer Point neighborhood of the Redonda Bay development in Tola has extraordinary views of the Pacific coastline and is just a short stroll from the calm waters at Redonda Bay. </p> <p><p align= "justify">Elevated approximately 40 meters above sea level, this expansive oceanfront home comes fully furnished and ready for your enjoyment! The home, also known as Casa #10, is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom 2900 square foot residence located in the 'jungle,' giving you the peace and tranquility you are looking for! </p> <p><p align= "justify">Walking into the home you'll see the open kitchen on your right, complete with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. The kitchen flows into the dining room and living area, all with ocean views over the outdoor deck area. The open design is wonderful for entertaining guests! </p> <p><p align= "justify">The first floor also has a TV room that can easily be converted into an additional bedroom or office. A junior suite is at the end of the 1st floor's hallway, with a walk-in closet and bathroom, which opens up to the covered outdoor deck area. A full bathroom is located down the same hallway. </p> <p><p align= "justify">Going outside to the covered outdoor deck towards the ocean front pool area you can take in the sites and sounds of the 'jungle living'. Take in the dramatic views of the coastline from the oceanfront pool as well... nature is all around you! </p> <p><p align= "justify">Going up the stairs to the second story you'll encounter the master bedroom and and its ensuite bathroom, the second bedroom with its own ensuite bathroom, each with its own balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean and pool. </p> <p><p align= "justify">Last but certainly not least, the soothing water of Redonda Bay are just a short stroll away! This is a must-see for all of those looking for an oceanfront get-a-way in a tropical setting! </p> <p><p align= "justify">Recently reduced from US $650,000 to US $440,000!]]> Santana Ocean View Bungalow NDY5LTIwMTctMDItMDggMjE6Mjc6Mzc= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Could this be your perfect vacation home in Nicaragua? This Rancho Santana Ocean View Bungalow was built in 2011 and features a cozy floor plan and an unbelievable view of the Pacific Ocean and North Coast of Tola. The home includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living area on a single level with a 250 sq ft deck spanning the whole front of the home. There is a 600 sq ft, covered patio below, which is great for catching the breeze in your hammock or cooking out. It could also easily be converted to enclosed living space. At a size of 1/4 acres, the lot itself is very large and affords a generous buffer to the surrounding lots. Other features include: -Laundry machine and dryer with proper hookups -Samsung AC units in each bedroom – On demand hot water heater – Battery backup system with inverter (new in 2015) – Wired for cable. This bungalow by the sea features year-round sunsets and coastal views and it’s one only a handful of private homes in Rancho Santana that is walking distance to the clubhouse, restaurant and beach. Because of this, you will achieve higher than average occupancy rates should you choose to rent the home. Because you’ll be inside the gated community of Rancho Santana, you’ll also have access to five (5) beautiful beaches (3 of them private), three food options including the world class restaurant “La Finca y el Mar”, three clubhouses, three separate pools, fantastic surfing, full yoga and spa facilities/treatments, horse stables, tennis courts, an organic garden and miles of mixed use hiking and biking trails. It truly is a magical place that is great for folks of all ages, singles, couples and families. You could easily add value to this home by either adding a swimming pool or enclosing the downstairs patio. It would even be possible to convert the downstairs patio into a separate living quarters.]]> Santana Lot near Clubhouse NDY0LTIwMTctMDItMDggMjE6MjY6MTc= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This is your opportunity to own a beautiful, ocean view lot, just steps away from the Rancho Santana Clubhouse and beach. This unique lot is 1/4 acre in size and will easily accommodate up to a 4 bedroom home. Perched gently upon a small ridge, this elevated lot receives ample tropical breeze and affords beautiful Pacific Ocean and year round sunset views. The best part about this lot is that you can comfortably walk to all the best amenities at Rancho Santana – the beach, the clubhouse, spa, yoga, pools, tennis courts, horse stables and general store. If you are looking for a place to build your perfect vacation home or if you are interested in generating better-than-average rental income, you’ll want to have a look at this property.]]> Rancho Santana Beachfront House NDYzLTIwMTctMDItMDggMjE6MTI6MDA= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This Rancho Santana Beachfront House is the only one of its kind, and is definitely a home that is a 'must see' for anyone looking for a beachfront luxury home. Enjoy the luxury amenities of Rancho Santana from this world class beach front location only steps to the sand and right in front of your own private left point break. Enjoy epic sunsets and sip Nicaraguan rum every night from the shaded palapa while you watch the kids surf out front or play in the pool. Great for private use or as an investment, this home has been the top renting property at Rancho Santana for the past several years for good reason. Move-in ready and well maintained - includes all furniture, appliances, etc.]]> Rancho Santana Beachfront Lot NDYyLTIwMTctMDItMDggMjE6MDA6NTQ= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Located inside the gates of the Rancho Santana luxury ocean side community, this premier lot sits directly on one of the most beautiful, idyllic beaches in the country. This is an epic, beach front, building lot located directly in front of a left point break. Named “Playa Rosada” after it’s pink colored sand, you’d be hard pressed to find a more picturesque place. Only 13 lots inside Rancho Santana touch the beach sand and this is one of them. This would make the perfect spot for your dream house or a rental property. If you are in the market for the best-of-the-best, make sure you consider this lot.]]> Ocean View Villa NDQwLTIwMTctMDItMDcgMjE6MjU6MjQ= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <p> <p> Located on an elevated lot in the Cantamar de Yankee development is this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath well maintained two story ocean view villa. The superb location offers breathtaking 180 degree panoramic views of the tropical forest, beach, surf break and vast ocean beyond. The well known Yankee Beach and surf break can be accessed directly from this tropical dream home via well maintained development roads. Consistent breezes and dramatic sunsets are a regular occurrence along this dramatic pacific coastline. <p> <p> The amenities in the villa are numerous. The first level of the main house includes an open kitchen (with solid surface counter tops), living and dining areas, that have access on three sides to an attractively tiled covered terrace, all with 9 foot high ceilings. Also, there is a powder room on this level. A grand staircase leads to the large second level master suite that includes it’s own private terrace with spectacular views, ample built-in closets crafted of beautiful tropical hardwood, a 9 foot coffered ceiling and over-sized en-suit bath, complete with bathtub! There are ceiling fans throughout the interior and covered exterior terraces.<p> <p> Bedrooms 2 and 3 are located in a separate building adjacent to the main house, which boasts 10 foot ceiling heights, a large Jack and Jill bath , and ample covered terraces on two sides and accessed from both bedrooms. There is an opportunity to inexpensively convert this building into a separate one bedroom apartment that could be rented for a consistent income. There is an adjacent built in BBQ, utility/ storage room with washing machine hookups, an an enclosed garage.<p> <p> Mature landscaping and a natural stone paved circular drive graces the front of this exceptional ocean view villa. There is ample space on the lot for a swimming pool, and internet and cable connections are readily available.<p> <p> The owner has reduced the asking price of this ocean view villa by over $50,000 for a quick sale.]]> Fire Sale Development Lot NDU1LTIwMTctMDEtMjkgMTI6MDk6NDE= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <p> Fire Sale Development Lot in a Gated Community 5 minutes drive from the beach and town anyone? A great opportunity to enter Nicaragua’s hottest Real Estate market, San Juan Del Sur. If you are looking for the opportunity to own a piece of property situated in Nicaragua’s beautiful dry tropical forest, here’s your chance! This lot sits amongst the natural beauty found in this unique yoga/wellness community “El Camino del Sol” – where owners enjoy access to the clubhouse, pool and yoga pavilion.<p> <p> Located 5 minutes driving from the diverse restaurants, bars and boutiques of San Juan del Sur and 15-20 minutes from some of the best surf breaks in the country, this lot offers accessibility to all the local community has on offer. There is a guard at the gated entrance 24 hours a day, ensuring privacy for the residents soaking up the rays by the pool as it is for security. Members of this community are known for practicing sustainable living and wellness practices, with yoga classes and retreats a common occurrence. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, with a great diversity of local wildlife and fauna, act now and gain a stake in this unique and beautiful ecologically-minded community!<p> <p> This 2,313 square meter fire sale development lot offers ample room for development of that perfect home or retreat in the tropics, laying low to enjoy the shade of the trees and surrounding hills. This lot has a community water connection and electricity hooked up. Don’t miss the opportunity to become part of this unique development!<p> <p> This Bargain Mountain View Lot offers great views of the surrounding nature and it sits high enough up so you won’t be bothered by the sounds from the highway below. This bargain mountain view lot is priced to sell and is a great way to gain a stake in this unique and beautiful ecologically-minded community!]]> Casa de Campos NDUwLTIwMTctMDEtMjkgMTI6MDg6NTk= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 A land of opportunity, Casa de Campo is one of the most versatile properties on the market today. This 8 acre plus finca lies 15 minutes from San Juan Del Sur, a straight shot down the Chocolata road into town. Located only 600 meters from the Marsella turnoff, its under 10 minutes to the calm swimming beach of Playa Marsella and the ever popular surfing mecca of Playa Maderas.<p> <p> Entering the property the quaint 2 bedroom home immediately captures ones eye, resting in a commanding elevated position near the private entrance to the property. The living area encompasses one large open plan space, plenty of room for living , relaxing and entertaining. Two bedrooms are directly off the living area, with the mater bedroom having a full ensuite, and an additional bathroom opening to the family room. One may enjoy the cooling breezes on the expansive wrap around deck, set a-mist a colorful garden and soaring native hardwood trees which provide plenty of shade in the midday heat. A variety of mature tropical fruit trees surround the home and the terraced vegetable gardens to the rear have been engineered to provided optimal efficiency and productivity, with imported rich volcanic soil.<p> <p> The highlight of this property is the beautiful open meadow behind the home, over 6 acres in size, gently rising to the crest of the hill, offering over 250 meters of delightful valley views, and Pacific Ocean views in the distance, all of which may be utilized for a perfect ocean view development. The hill then drops down into a lovely flat field, ideal for horses corrals.<p> <p> The options with this magnificent piece of property are many. For the family its a rare offering these days to find such a delightful homestead so close to town, for the opportunist there are many build able areas offering the coveted Ocean views or perhaps the yogi’s out there will appreciate the “Zen” and take advantage of the peaceful setting and tranquility, truly a land of opportunity! With 60 meters of road frontage, the option for a commercial store on the main road unlocks more value too!]]> Casa Charisma NDM5LTIwMTctMDEtMjkgMTI6MDg6MjM= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <p> Casa Charisma is a one of a kind custom built home, with 6,000 square feet of living space it is one of the largest homes offered for sale in San Juan del Sur. and located minutes from town in the small desirable gated community of Los Miradores.<p> <p> Entering the home leads into the expansive open plan living, dining and kitchen area, with room for scores of your closest friends. The two huge master suites upstairs offer commanding views over the Bay of Nacascolo, and the pool and gardens below. Downstairs is dividable with a separate self contained wing, or simply incorporate into the large open plan living space with the kitchen, dining and living areas, opening out on to the great backyard terrace, relaxing in your own private and secure oasis. Tranquil living at its finest, chilling poolside with not a neighbor in sight.<p> <p> Situated in the Los Miradores development, which features a paved road, city water and low HOA fees. There is a separate caretakers apartment on site, and parking for 5 vehicles. Mature tropical trees and plants abound, and this home could easily be converted to a B&B, or Boutique hotel.]]> Downtown Condo NDI1LTIwMTctMDEtMjkgMTI6MDc6NDM= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo is 1050 square feet of Oceanfront living. An end unit located on the 4th floor, the condo is bright, open and airy with windows all along the oceanfront side! Entering the apartment the hall-way leads off to a large double queen bedroom, with a full ensuite bathroom and may be locked off to use as a separate lockout rental. Moving to the front of the apartment is the 2nd bedroom, full bathroom and the open plan living area.<p> <p> The condo is located in the 5 story Casa Marina building, an immaculately maintained condo complex comprising of 11 units total, right in the heart of downtown San Juan Del Sur. Sitting high, incredible views are to be had over the tops of the restaurants and beach below, out to the fishing boats anchored in the beautiful Pacific Bay beyond. All of the amenities that town has to offer are just a short walk from your home in the sun.The beach is directly in front of you and the condo comes fully furnished. A great price for beach front living!]]> Beach House Beauty NDE3LTIwMTctMDEtMjkgMTI6MDY6NDE= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <p>This lovely turnkey 3 Bedroom/2 bathroom home sits on a breezy and elevated lot, commanding spectacular views over Yankee beach and the blue waters of the Pacific beyond. Casa Blanca boasts over 1,400 sq. ft. of open plan living space, consisting of a well-appointed kitchen, a dining area and the lounge. The three generous sized bedrooms are all air-conditioned with ceiling fans and plenty of natural light in every room, and the installed internet and satellite TV will keep you connected.<p> <p> Opening out to the deck and self sufficient in-laws suite adjacent, one may enjoy the breeze lounging in the hammocks below under the shaded gazebo-the family favorite for spotting the migrating humpback whales, or take a dip in the pool as you analyze your own surf report. At this beach house, beautiful pacific sunsets are to be enjoyed from every level.<p> <p> A 400 meter jaunt will land you on the lovely sands of Yankee, where one may take a relaxing dip, or stroll further down the beach with your surf boards to a couple of great consistent breaks.<p> This property has enormous potential for one looking to invest in a vacation rental, or even for the couple looking to retire to the beach life!]]> Casa Guanacaste: In-Town Turnkey NDQ5LTIwMTctMDEtMjQgMjI6NTI6MjM= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><p> If you are looking for all of the amenities of resort living but don’t want to pay the high HOA fees, Casa Guanacaste is perfect for you! This 1,525 square foot turnkey home boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a beautiful 45’x 12′ porch. Located within Pelican Eyes Resort, Casa Guanacaste has no HOA fees, right of passage to the street and access to the Pelican Eyes pools and restaurants, plus it is safely located behind guarded entrance gates. This beautiful home is located in town and enjoys quick access to all of San Juan’s amenities (bars, restaurants, shops, grocery stores, etc.) and a mere 5-10 minute stroll through town takes you the lovely beach on San Juan del Sur Bay.<p> <p> This stunning home is surrounded by a jungle of plants, big trees, and exotic wildlife. The porch area feels great all year round. The screens on all of the windows and doors mean that you won’t need to use the A/C units all the time. Take advantage of the famous sunsets by making the short stroll up to the main pool and restaurant, where you can satisfy all of the senses with the delicious cuisine and the changing colors of the sky. Casa Guanacaste has two bedrooms, one of which is a lock-off that can be rented separately from the rest of the house.<p> <p> Casa Guanacaste is being sold with all furniture and household goods included. It’s perfect location, rental income producing potential, security, and access to Pelican Eye’s common areas makes this one of the best houses on the market at this price. This in-town turnkey home is a great opportunity for an investor looking for a rental income producing home, a permanent residence or a vacation home. This is one of just a few privately-owned residences in the Pelican Eyes Resort community. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own a beautiful turnkey home in this luxurious resort community.]]> Villa Blanca at Nacascolo Bay NDcwLTIwMTctMDEtMDIgMTc6MjQ6MTI= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Villa Blanca at Nacascolo Bay with 3 Bedroom suites & 3 Bathrooms Villa Blanca at Nacascolo Bay is an Eco-Luxury, 3000 square foot, open concept home fully oriented towards the Nacascolo Bay & Sunset Views directly to the west of the living area. The home has served as a rental property with three large suites, a great room and spectacular infinity pool overlooking the majestic waters of the Pacific Ocean. The bedroom suites offer large bathrooms, air conditioning and well appointed sitting areas; two on the second floor and have private balconies and one opens onto the great room on the first floor. All furniture is custom made by local craftsmen. Villa Blanca at Nacascolo Bay is located only 5 minutes north of San Juan del Sur The great room is fully open to the pool and ocean view below and allows for a truly organic connection between the beauty of the surrounding ecology and the home’s interior. From the great room and pool area you have a fully unobstructed view of a remarkable range of tropical birds, flowers and sunsets into the ocean. Villa Blanca at Nacascolo Bay has a full caretakers home next to the driveway entrance of the home This exquisite home is beautifully maintained & landscaped, and is designed to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the region.]]> Sandigo Lot MzcxLTIwMTYtMTItMTIgMTc6MjE6MDY= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 In the outsides of Granada Colonial city there's this lot of 500 sq mts just 300 mts off the panamerican highway in a good and quiet neighborhood close to the Hospital Japan-Nicaragua. ]]> Casa Carazo Mzc2LTIwMTYtMTItMTIgMTc6MjA6NDA= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Casa Carazo is located in a great location: 2 blocks away from Central Park on Calle La Libertad Granada. Four bedrooms / three bathrooms house. Good fixer upper with a lot of potential for a Bed & Breakfast or a Hotel. There is a central patio and a back patio, kitchen area, dining room, corridors, living room and a garage, very convenient. Property size is around 350 sq mts. ]]> Eco-Hotel Opportunity MzU1LTIwMTYtMTItMTIgMTc6MjA6MTg= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 There are two homes on this 7 acre property (one under construction), both houses have a second floor with great views <p align="justify">The home that's under construction has a big swimming pool, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, 3 bathrooms, a bedroom downstairs and 4 bedrooms upstairs. the property is 500 meters from the main highway (Granada-Nandaime) and just a 10 minute drive from the Central Park of Granada. There is the option to buy half of the property. ]]> Casa del Mono Riendo NDIzLTIwMTYtMTItMTIgMTc6MTk6Mjk= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Casa del Mono Riendo is a spectacularly beautiful home located in Granada on Calle Corrales just three and a half blocks from Central Park and two blocks from the famous Calle La Calzada. This newly listed home has a total property size of 167.40 square meters or 1802 square feet. The home is only two years old and has a antisismico System with Australian standards. Among the many beautiful features are 11 soaring twenty five foot columns of Guapinol wood, which is traditional and prized in Nicaragua. The home has two identical Master Suites each with their own on suite bath which are finely appointed. This home offers an open concept living area which is a modern take on the traditional Nicaraguan colonial plan. A gourmet style kitchen with poured concrete counters, separate dining area, large living area and private office give this home all that is needed to fulfill ones dreams. The main living areas of this remarkable home surround a stone patio and a stunning tiled pool with an infinity fountain. Other features included are a laundry area with washer and dryer , ceiling fans throughout, ceramic tile, upgraded stainless steel appliances and comes fully furnished with quality furnishings (Inquire to items being sold with home). The house is of exceptional construction (see below) and comes equipped with a water storage tank with 250 liters and a tankless water heating system. This home is a one of a kind offering here in Granada.. Will not last long!]]> Quinta Nica, 3 Acre Property! MjM3LTIwMTYtMTItMTIgMTc6MTk6MDE= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <p><p align="justify">Large property 11,353 m²) with a 300 m2 home. with the following amenities</p> <li>Two Story house with Basement</li> <li>Built on small hilltop with 360⁰ view</li> <li>Solid block construction with concrete and steel reinforcement</li> <p><p align="justify"> LOCATION: Dept. of Granada, Town of Diria/Diriomo. Fresh climate due to 330m. (1000ft) altitude</p> <li>15 minutes from Colonial city of Granada</li> <li>1 hour from various beaches</li> <li>45 minutes from Managua</li> <li>1.5 hours from Costa Rican border</li> <li>Laguna de Apoyo within walking distance</li> <li>View of Extinct Mombacho volcano (5 kilometers away)</li> </p> <p><p align="justify"> 5 bd and 3 bathrooms All bedrooms have a/c, ceiling fans, windows with screen and tiled floors Master Bedroom (Second floor) walking closet, large bathroom with marble sink top, hot water shower, balcony with great views. <p><p align="justify">Two upstairs bedrooms share center bathroom with marble sink top, cedar wood cabinets and hot water shower, each room has private door to balcony. 2 downstairs bedrooms, one has private entrance to downstairs bathroom, both have ceilings made of guanacaste wood. bathroom with marble sink top, hot water shower. Large kitchen with granite counter tops, double stainless steel sink, all cabinets, drawers, closets made from Mahogany wood. Small breakfast bar. Includes above stove microwave oven. Tiled floor, cedar wood ceiling, 2 large multiple light fixtures, tiled wall between upper cabinet and countertop, cedar wood windows with screen. DINING ROOM-LIVING ROOM COMBO: Large room with both dining and living room with cedar wood ceiling. Sliding glass door to rear porch. 2 ceiling fans. Tiled floors, cedar wood windows with screen and large cedar wood curtain holders.</p> LANDSCAPING: <p><p align="justify"> <li>Around the house on hilltop planted St. Augustine grass, various shrubs and plants </li> <li>Retaining wall around the upper area is covered in Hiedra (small leaf plant that grows on the wall for a beautiful natural camouflage)</li> <li>Orchard area: 75+ fruit trees of more than 25 varieties. Entrance road to wooden gate lined with coconut trees</li> <li>Second Main wooden gate with overhead cover and front perimeter wall</li> <li>Hill and lower area: Miscellaneous trees, bamboo and rustic farm enclosed corral for animals (sheep, pigs, etc…). <li>Lower back area: Plantains and banana (100+), tall grass for animal feed, trees for exotic wood and bee hives. <li>Entire property enclosed with over 1000 “piñuelas” (long leaf type cactus with very fine thorns) natural fence/protection. LARGE SHED (BLOCK construction) CARETAKER OR STORAGE: <li>Has water and toilet hookup</li> <li> Underground 5000 liter (1400 gallon) cistern with water pump</li>]]> Casa de Los Arcos Mzc1LTIwMTYtMTItMTIgMTc6MTg6MzA= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This fully restored Spanish Colonial home is well equipped and furnished. Two air conditioned bedrooms, each with private bath on the second floor. The main floor has a parking area and an open living space with TV/Internet connection. Three steps up (thru the arches) leads to the dining area, full kitchen with bar counter, a small open courtyard with pool and a 1/2 bath with washer/dryer laundry. This house has solar hot water and over 20 arches, thus the name 'Casa de Arcos'. Easy walk to restaurants, shops and the Parque Central. The pool has been upgraded in the last 2 years as well as other minor upgrades such as new wooden shades, re-upholstered furniture and the entire house has been painted. There are two nice bedrooms upstairs with King size beds. The bedrooms are air conditioned with hot water showers. You also have a TV with cable in each bedroom and a VCR in the master bedroom. The depth of the pool is from a meter to two meters. The home does have a small garage, where you could store a small car or store bikes, scooters, etc. The garage is attached is in the front of the home! There is a furnished seating area at the opposite side of the main foyer to relax, have a cocktail, or watch TV ]]> Soma Surf Resort - A Profitable Business! NDY4LTIwMTYtMTItMDIgMTc6MzE6NDI= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <p> This is a rare opportunity to own a profitable world-class turnkey surf resort, in one of Nicaragua’s hottest surf areas, Popoyo, Tola. Located approximately 20 minutes from the Emerald Coast International Airport, Soma Surf Resort is the premier resort in the Popoyo area for well heeled tourist looking to surf, relax, and explore what the Emerald Coast has to offer.<p> The resort contains 3 deluxe rooms and 3 bungalows for a total of 16 beds with a capacity of 22 guest. All rooms have ample natural light, fans, A/C units, and large bathrooms. The thoughtfully designed rooms provide a comfortable setting to unwind after a long day of surfing and exploring.<p> The layout of the resort is centered around the large pool and deck area which look out towards the expansive valley and ocean. From the pool area, meticulously manicured landscaped paths lead guest to the rooms and bungalows that sit no more than a few steps from the pool. The spacious open dining area sits behind the pool next to the state of the art kitchen; which is known for providing tasty and fresh creative dishes for guest and visitors who come to dine from the nearby developments of Rancho Santana, Hacienda Iguana, and Guacalito de La Isla. Additionally, adjacent to the large reception area and office there is an outdoor kitchen & wet-bar for guest who want to grill up their catch off the day while sharing cocktails. There is a dedicated yoga pavilion located in an elevated corner of the property which can be used for a variety of activities such as karate, massages, meditating, meetings, etc.<p> The property has two dedicated wells located on a neighboring property of 3,035 sq mts which is also included with the sale of the property. This additional land could be used to extended the grounds or create more rooms to raise the capacity level. Investors can take advantage of the resort’s Tax Law 306 status to expand tax-free!<p> Soma Surf Resort is offered turnkey and is fully equipped with all furnishings, furniture, and equipment that is currently in place for operations. The full online presence of the resort as well as the complete list of vendors and collaborators for activities, which provide a strong source of revenue for the business, are also included in the sale.<p> Additional operating information is available for qualified investors.]]> Maderas Surf Villa NDY3LTIwMTYtMTItMDEgMjI6Mjc6NTY= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <p> Maderas Surf Villa is located high above the break in the private residential enclave of Cinco Bahias. If amazing ocean vistas and tropical jungle views are the benchmark, then look no further. The home consists of approximately 1,250 square feet of enclosed living space, and a futher 500 square feet of patios and balconies.<p> From the wonderful shaded flower garden patio in front, 180-degree views may be enjoyed of 5 different bays, the Statue of Christ and even Costa Rica to the South. From the communal pool, views may be had of the volcanoes in Ometepe to the West in lake Nicaragua, which brings the cooling offshore breezes over 300 days of the year, enjoyed by residents and guests alike in this wonderful community.<p> This beautiful villa has an generous sized open plan living area, and a fully equipped kitchen. Upstairs are 2 bedrooms, which both open out to a small balcony, ideal for eanjoying the morning Java while taking in the sights and sounds of the local wildlife, migrating whales to be spotted in season, and for the surfers out there Playa Maderas, which is one of the most popular surfing spots in Nicaragua, a mere 5 minutes drive away. The villa has air conditioning throughout, comes fully furnished, with an internet connection and satellite television is available if desired. <p> A truly great deal for that dream home in the sun, or for the investor amongst us, this Maderas Surf Villa certainly ticks all the boxes for the rental market!]]> Turn-Key Villa in a Resort! MzkyLTIwMTYtMTEtMTUgMTk6MjM6MTM= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This turn-key Villa called ‘Casa Florida’ is located within the Pelican Eyes Resort and Spa and boasts 2650 square feet, with 2 bedrooms, 3 full baths, a kitchen, and covered terraces on all three levels of the home overlooking the bay of San Juan del Sur. As you approach the home you will see the beautiful outside fountain, spacious patio and gardens and stone outdoor shower, a perfect setting for when you want to entertain guests in this speacious home. Upon entry you’ll immediately notice the open floor plan with fully equipped kitchen, fully furnished living & dining areas and an equipped entertainment center. A full bathroom is also located on the entry level. Taking the staircase downstairs, to the left you’ll arrive at the guest bedroom with 2 queen beds, private bathroom with double sinks, stone floors and vanities, open shower with sitting area. The guest bedroom comes fully equipped with a flat screen TV, DVD player, his and her wardrobe area, safe, telephone, and double set of wood doors that open to covered terrace. The guest bedroom can be rented completely independent from the rest of the home! Following the staircase downstairs to the end of the hall you’ll arrive at the master suite, complete with a high ceiling, king bed with an expansive private bathroom with double sinks, stone floors and vanities, and an open shower with sitting area. The master suite also comes fully equipped with a flat screen TV, DVD player, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, his and her wardrobe area, safe, and a telephone. The master suite opens to covered terrace and private patio with gardens. A spacious owner ‘lock-out’ storage area is located just a few steps from the lower level of the home. Being within a resort, access to the property is through a 24/7 manned security gate. Identification is required for security of all owners & guests. The resort has 2 restaurants – La Canoa, is located just a short walk from Casa Florida, and the main restaurant, La Cascada, is located at the resort’s main reception area. Room service to the house is also available. You will have full access to 3 infinity swimming pools and spa. The pool is a short walk from the home and offers unsurpassed views. This is the perfect property for someone looking to spend a few weeks to a few months of the year at an unbelievable ocean view home with all the perks for living in a resort!]]> 23 Acre Ocean View Farm NDY1LTIwMTYtMTEtMTQgMjI6NDA6MzE= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 The Las Nubes Ocean View Farm is a must-see property located in the rolling hills just 8 kilometers South of the town of San Juan del Sur. This 13.5 manzana / 23.5 acre property sits high on top of a hill and boasts magnificent 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, the Lake of Nicaragua, Ometepe Island and the mountains of Costa Rica. This is a prime location for any type of venture – whether looking to build an eco-resort that utilizes the ample land for farming purposes or for the development of an ocean view community – the possibilities are endless for this beautiful piece of prime real estate. Large ocean view acreages like this one are hard to come by in this market and this Ocean View Farm is sure to go fast!<p> <p> You can get to the bustling town of San Juan del Sur in about 30 minutes and you have access to some world class surf a mere 20 minute drive from the property. This property is perfect for the investor that is looking for a private and secluded area that is still close to the area’s enticing attractions. This Ocean View Farm is located on top of one of the tallest hills in the area and boasts big views of the surrounding valleys and of the Pacific Ocean stretching off as far as the eye can see. With breathtaking views in all directions, proximity to Nicaragua’s beautiful flora and fauna, and easy access on a well-made dirt road that winds up to the top of the hill, you don’t want to miss the chance to see it for yourself!<p> <p> The property sits at a high altitude, giving it access to the great lake and sea breezes. The property, at any given time, is 5-10 degrees cooler than in-town and is an optimal place to harvest vegetables and other staples such as corn, beans, rice, sorghum, etc. The property has a private road that runs the entire length of the property and the current owner is open to selling the land in parcels. Come and check out this great investment opportunity before it’s too late!]]> Ocean View Building Lot Close to Town NDY2LTIwMTYtMTEtMTQgMjI6MzY6Mzc= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This ocean view building lot is an excellent option for those interested in creating their dream property with an impressive ocean view, near town and various beaches. This quarter-acre lot boasts ample space for the construction of a single family residence or for a small-scale commercial project such as a bed & breakfast or surf lodge. Zoning in the HOA free development allows for both residential and commercial projects.<p> <p> Located approximately 7 minutes north of town, this ocean view building lot is conveniently situated right off the main road between the town of San Juan del Sur and the popular beaches of the north – Playa Maderas, Playa Marsella, Playa Playonesa, and Playa Majagual. Enjoy the tranquil and nature filled setting outside of town while still being a short ride away from all of the action.<p> <p> The property is located in the Vista Mar Nacascolo development which has a number of constructed homes and the well regarded boutique hotel & restaurant El Jardin. Whether enjoying a French influenced meal with family or sunset drinks with friends, this development anchor is a great amenity for both owners and guest.<p> <p> Take advantage of the proximity to town and beaches, easy access from the main road, and the hotel & restaurant anchor a few steps away from your lot. With no HOA fees and water & electrical connects at the lot line this ocean view building lot is ready to be transformed!]]> Oceanview Lot Close to Town NDQ4LTIwMTYtMTEtMTEgMTk6MzQ6MzE= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This oceanview lot close to town is perfect for the investor looking for peace & tranquility while being less than 3 minutes from the action. Situated in the pristine Lomas de Palermo development, fully paved roads take you from your lot to town. Underground utilities are installed and ready to be connected at the lot as well, allowing you to begin building your dream home tomorrow! <p> <p> Measuring 1,885 square meters, this near half acre lot has a gentle slope and rectangular shape to maximize usage of the land. You do not have to worry about your beautiful oceanview, bay view, and valley views being obstructed as the land directly in front of this lot is a designated green area. No one will ever build in front of you.<p> <p> Lomas del Palermo is less than 3 minutes from town and 15 minutes away from some of the most popular beaches on the Pacific Coast. Head north to the famous Playa Maderas to go surfing, or go to Playa Marsella or Playa Majagual for calmer waves. Good surfing can also be found to the south at Playa Remanso, Playa Hermosa, and Playa Yankee.<p> <p> After an eventful day at the beach, head into town to enjoying dining, shopping, and entertainment. Whether looking for a party, live music, or relaxing drinks by the water, town has everything to offer. Grocery shopping can be done at the super market, local market, or by various other vendors in the town.<p> <p> If you are looking for a lot to build your future permanent residence or vacation home, Lomas de Palermo is a great option. Located directly off the main road to enter & leave San Juan del Sur, town is less than a 3 minute car ride away. The development boast an onsite restaurant and pool which is great for dining and relaxing close to home. This oceanview lot with just under a half-acre of land the possibilities are endless!! <p>]]> 11 acre ranch land NDQzLTIwMTYtMTEtMTEgMTc6MDc6NDM= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Great place for a private horse ranch, has fruit trees including mango and avocado. 1klm off of the main road on a well maintained hard packed dirt road. Caretakers house only at this time. Asking $79,000 Views of Mombacho , has flat and hill land. Farm raise chickens,cattle, horses? Rich land. Electricity and water. 15 minutes from Granada]]> Casa Volcan NDQxLTIwMTYtMTEtMTEgMTc6MDc6MTk= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Very nice house near Volcan Masaya. Close to everything $500,000.00 Structure 685 m2 lot is 1577 m2 fully fenced. Home theater, dining room , Laundry, walk in closets. located in carreterra masaya km 22.5 next to the volcan masaya entrance. ]]> Bayview Townhouse NDI4LTIwMTYtMTEtMTEgMTc6MDY6NDU= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Solidly-built (concrete structure) and completely renovated Townhouse located in the quiet Talanguera district close to the walk-up to the Christ statue overlooking SJDS. Sleeps 6-8 people. In the past 2 years, the unit has been completely renovated, including: all 3 bathrooms, the kitchen (appliances, all custom-built wood cupboards, a custom-built Nica-wood breakfast counter, a fan assisted exhaust from the stove to the exterior), a custom-built Nica-wood tv console, new furniture throughout, painting throughout, custom-built wood California shutters on all windows, 3 new air conditioners, and a solid new roof over the entire complex. The unit rents easily for weekends or long-term. First class property managers have cared meticulously for the complex. ]]> Commercial Opportunity NDA2LTIwMTYtMTEtMDcgMjI6NDI6MTU= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Location, location, location is all that comes to mind with this dream commercial opportunity. The property is strategically located in front of Pali, the largest and most frequented supermarket in the town of San Juan del Sur, which conveniently sits on the main road used to enter and leave the town.<p> <p> On top of the excellent location, this dream commercial opportunity has 4 distinct areas which can all be rented separately: 2 apartments, 1 office space, and another room which could be used as a studio apartment or an office. The front of the property which faces the main road contains one apartment and one office space which is currently being rented. From the side of the house one can enter the second apartment and the additional office / studio space.<p> <p> These four areas can continue to be used as is or be modified as the new owner desires. Additionally, a second story can be added for additional square footage to increase the ROI (Return on Investment).<p> <p> Easily collect your rental income while knowing that you own one of the best commercial locations in town!<p> <p> If you'd like to learn more about this property simply respond to this ad by clicking the button below or you can call 7768-0910 or call US (718)213-4748.]]> Casa Newkirk NDA1LTIwMTYtMTEtMDcgMjI6Mzk6MDg= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 If you are looking for your slice of paradise with a breath-taking views, comfortable indoor & outdoor space, privacy, and a picturesque setting- look no more. Casa Vista Nacascolo is a 1,600+ sf home located at the top of Vista Mar Nacascolo, a quiet & safe development with no HOA fees directly off of the Chocolata Highway (Access road to San Juan del Sur and Playa Maderas, Playa Marsella, Playa Majagual, etc). A short five minute drive from the town of San Juan del Sur, this home is perfect for those looking to be close to the amenities of town while having their private retreat nearby. <p> <p> Casa Vista Nacascolo was built to take advantage of it’s surroundings. The property has matured landscaping with a large driveway in front of the home which can fit several cars. After entering the home and admiring the vaulted ceiling the natural light from the various windows facing the ocean illuminates the living room and kitchen. Once in the living room you can walk up 2 steps to access the 3 bedrooms or walk outside to the very large patio. The patio was made to entertain, boasting a large custom designed pool and elevated rancho which looks out to Nacascolo bay and the Pacific Ocean. The open design concepts makes moving between indoor and outdoor space effortless. Whether having a drink in the rancho overlooking the ocean or sitting by the pool reading a book, the outdoor space is just as inviting as the inside of the home. <p> <p> All rooms in the home have lots of natural light as well as A/C and TVs. The master bedroom has a small balcony which looks over the pool and main patio area, perfect for watching the sunset at the end of the day. Between the balcony off the master overlooking the pool, the reading nook under the window, and the outdoor shower with custom tile work, every room has unique details that will leave you and your guest impressed.<p> <p> If that was not enough, the home also has a separate caretaker / guest home that is fully equipped with room for storage.<p> <p> This turnkey home comes fully-furnished and is rental ready!<p> <p> This is the home you have been dreaming of, come get your slice of paradise.<p> If you'd like to learn more about this property simply respond to this ad by clicking the button below or you can call 7768-0910 or call US (718)213-4748. ]]> Amazing Vistas in Pacific Marlin! MzUyLTIwMTYtMTEtMDcgMjI6Mzc6MzY= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 <p><p align="justify>If Amazing Vistas is what you're striving for in a property, look no further than lot #33 in the Pacific Marlin development! This custom home lot has already been terraced and is ready for the ocean view home of your dreams! </p> <p><p align="justify> The beautiful topography of Pacific Marlin is right in front of you: rock outcrops in the ocean, the sound of the waves lapping right in front, 30-40 meters below, and the huge bluffs that spill out into the Pacific Ocean that only seem to be a stone's throw away... <p> <p><p align="justify>This ocean view masterpiece is priced to sell!]]> Lot at Casares Beach Mzg0LTIwMTYtMTEtMDcgMjI6MzY6NTA= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Beautiful peice of property in Casares. 1 hour from Managua. Located between the beach road that ends at the property and the estuary. Fire sale!]]> Heart of Belen NDQ3LTIwMTYtMTEtMDcgMjI6MzY6MTc= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 This property is located in the dead-center of Belen, a small town located right off of the Pan-America Highway, 15 minutes from the city of Rivas. This property sits on the only access road to enter and leave town from the Pan-American Highway, situated directly in front of the central park, central church, and local public school. Boasting a large amount of frontage on the front and side of the property, this is a great opportunity for a commercial business to take advantage of the heavy traffic from the Pan-American Highway as well as the foot-traffic of local residents. The 2 bedroom / 2 bath existing home with an exterior and interior patio is fully functional with a brand-new water reserve tank. With nearly a 1/4 acre of land there are endless possibilities for this prime corner lot!<p> <p> Reduced from $74,500 USD for a quick sale!!!]]> Hidden Gem Close to the Beach NDM2LTIwMTYtMTEtMDcgMjI6MzQ6MjQ= Tue, 21 Mar 2017 12:09:41 +0000 Located just over 200 meters from Playa Marsella, this hidden gem within walking distance to the beach is perfect for anyone looking to construct a residence or commercial project close to a beautiful beach. Take advantage of the 3 minute walk to the sand to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunsets, great swimming/kayaking/stand-up paddling and proximity to various bars and restaurants. There are many different options of what you can put on this tree-lined 250 square meter gem: build your dream home, develop a commercial property, a rental home, restaurant, or maybe a simple camp site. Two stories would provide you with a partial ocean view!<p> <p> The opportunities are endless and this is a prime location for you to come and make your dream project a reality!]]>